Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

The Release of the Sterlet Fry into Kuban River

As a part of the implementation of the environmental protection activities aiming to compensate for the damage to aquatic bioresources and their habitat by dredging in the water area of seaport Yeisk by the Yeisk Department of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch, on October 15, 2015 in the presence of members of the state commission, almost 17 thousand  sterlet fingerlings (young of the year) were released into the Kuban river.

The sterlet fingerlings with an average weight of 20 to 23 grams, had been grown by a specialized fish-breeding farm for the Yeisk Department of the Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch.

The expenditure  of the branch on breeding and release of the sterlet fry into the Kuban river this has amounted to 250 thousand rubles.