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20th Anniversary of Vessel Traffic Service in Novorossiysk Seaport

On 25 September 2015 Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch celebrated the 20th anniversary from foundation of the vessel traffic service in Novorossiysk Seaport.

In June 1995 by regulation of the Federal Service for Marine Fleet of Russia dated 19.07.1995 No. DM 1-01/14-564 a vessel traffic service was created in state establishment “Marine Administration of Novorossiysk Seaport, and from 25 September 1995 Novorossiysk Port VTS started its operation.

Turkish ship HACI ARIF CAPTAN was the first vessel having called at Novorossiysk Seaport. It was piloted by Viktor Makarov, sea pilot – operator of Novorossiysk Port VTS.

In 1995 Novorossiysk Port VTS included VTS Center and two distant remotely controlled radio locator posts at Cape Penay and Cape Doob. The VTS staff numbered 12 people.

In 2004 in the framework of the state management administrative reform in Russian seaports, the asset complex of Novorossiysk Port VTS was secured to FSUE “Rosmorport” Novorossiysk Branch on the basis of economic control rights. Nowadays the VTS is operated by the Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch of the enterprise assuring 24/7 navigation safety in the waters of Novorossiysk Seaport, as well as protection of environment and human life at sea.

Since the transfer of Novorossiysk VTS assets to FSUE “Rosmorport”, the enterprise has been ensuring its efficient and safe operation, as well as constant development and modernization. In 2006-2009 the enterprise carried out a massive reconstruction of all VTS facilities, which helped to bring their technical features up to the best world VTS standards.
In April 2012 Rosmorrechflot issued certificate № VTS-3/1-2605-2012 dated 02.04.2012, that certifies the conformity of Novorossiysk Port VTS to the requirements of a highest category port VTS.

Nowadays Novorossiysk Port VTS supervises about 100 thousand vessels including vessels that call at Novorossiysk Seaport.

Giving credit for the successful performance of Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch employees in assurance of Novorossiysk Port VTS trouble free and accident free operation, Director of the Branch Anna Fomenko in a solemn environment presented honors certificates and letters of gratitude to employees of Novorossiysk Port VTS and division responsible for technical support of the VTS for their professionalism, longstanding, fruitful work and personal contribution into assurance of navigation safety in Novorossiysk Seaport.