Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

Kavkaz Seaport Boundaries Amended

By Government of Russia Regulation dated 02.08.2014 No. 1460-r the boundaries of Kavkaz Seaport were amended.

Схема границ акватории морского порта КавказThe amendments were conditioned by inclusion of area No. 3 into the water area of the seaport in order to create a deep water area for transshipment of corn cargoes and oil products to large tonnage vessels at the roads. The designated area with the size of 18.4 square kilometres and the depths from -26 to -27.6 metres will become a part of the Kavkaz Port VTS coverage area. Within its boundaries corn cargoes and oil products are to be transshipped at the roads by 15-18 accumulator vessels with the tonnage from 7 to 15-20 million tons to the vessels with the gross tonnage of 150 thousand tons.
For information:
Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch uses one water body in Kavkaz Seaport in order to provide services to vessels. The area size of the water body is 19.4 square kilometres, which made 83 % from the total water area of Kavkaz Seaport (prior to extension of the seaport boundaries).