Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

Compulsory Regulations in Taman Seaport Approved

By Ministry of Transport of Russia order dated 22.01.2014 No. 16 the Compulsory Regulations in Taman Seaport were approved.

The Compulsory Regulations in Taman Seaport stipulate:
- rules for calls and exits of vessels from Taman Seaport;
- rules for vessel navigation and mooring at the seaport water area with indication of the anchoring areas and stations;
- rules of navigation in the Taman Port VTS coverage area, including its description;
- rules for provision of environmental safety and quarantine in Taman Seaport;
- rules for the usage of special communication devices in the territory and water area of Taman Seaport.
Also the Compulsory Regulations in Taman Seaport contain information about:
- fairways of Taman Seaport and aids to navigation;
- technical capacities of Taman seaport regarding admission of vessels, including information on the minimal amount and power of tow boats necessary for mooring operations;
- compulsory pilotage areas;
- description of GMDSS A1 and A2 sea areas;
- transmission of navigation and weather information to masters of vessels staying in Taman Seaport, as well as transmission of information in case of threat of illegal intrusive activities in the seaport.
In comparison with the Temporary Recommendations in Taman Seaport effective before, which were approved by FSE “AMP Taman” in 2009, the new edition of the document had been brought in line with the unified requirements of the Ministry of Transport of Russia to the structure and content of compulsory regulations in the seaports of the Russian Federation.

In particular, the new document sets precise speed limits at the approaching canal of Taman Seaport (maximum 10 knots) and at the approach to the Taman transshipment complex berths (maximum 8 knots). Besides, the Compulsory Regulations in Taman Seaport set hydrometeorological limits for mooring and cargo operations, and for mooring st the Taman Seaport berths.
The Ministry of Transport of Russia order approving the new Compulsory Regulations in Taman Seaport is to become effective in accordance with the established procedure within 10 days from the date of its official publication.