Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

Information on Kavkaz Seaport in Register of Seaports of the Russian Federation Amended

By Rosmorrechflot regulation dated 28.10.2013 No. AD-312-r information on Kavkaz Seaport in the Register of Seaports of the Russian Federation was amended.

The main amendments are connected with update of information on Kavkaz Seaport location, as well as the maximum size of vessels that can call at the seaport. In particular, the maximum draft of vessels that are allowed to call at this seaport has been increased to 5.3 meters and width of vessels to 22 meters. For vessels going to the seaport roads, in turn, the maximum length has been reduced to 242 meters.

Amendments to the register related to Kavkaz Seaport also refer to the maximum dimensions of vessels calling directly to the following seaport marine terminals: liquid petroleum products and chemicals transshipment terminal, automobile and railway ferry terminal and universal terminal. Regarding the last one, new capacitive parameters of storage tanks for grain cargoes were fixed by Rosmorrechflot regulation.

In addition to these amendments by Rosmorrechflot regulation the names of some operators of marine terminal have been updated in the Register of seaports of the Russian Federation on Kavkaz seaport, in particular, the name of the FSUE "Rosmorport" separate subdivision – Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch Taman Department that provides in Kavkaz seaport the related services:
- VTS services;
- pilotage services;
- towing services;
- crew boats services;
- geodesic and cartographic services.