Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

Exercise for Search and Rescue of People in Eysk Seaport

The exercise on search and rescue of people suffering distress at sea was conducted in Taganrog Bay near the receiving buoy of Eysk Seaport on 5 June, 2013.

The scenario simulated the search of a crew member of a vessel coming to the roads station at Eysk Seaport, who fell overboard. After an operator of the Taman Sea Rescue Center received the message from the vessel, all services of Eysk Seaport were warned and all vessels in that area headed to the possible destination of the crew member.

The simulated crew member in distress was found after one and a half hour from the start of the operation, was lifted on board in 15 minutes, and received medical assistance.

The crews of the Kolguyev and the Reydoviy-43 tow boats of the Eysk Department of the Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch took part in the exercise together with the experts and equipment of FSE “AMP Eysk” and the Taman Sea Rescue Center of FSE “AMP Taman”, FSE “Southern Navigation Team KSC” (Rostov), Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch of FSUE “Baltiyskoye BASU”, State Department in Krasnodar Region of the Federal Security Service of Russia, and also employees of the search and rescue teams of the Emercom of Russia in Krasnodar Region.

Sergey Grechkin, Master of Eysk Seaport gave a perfect assessment of the work of the participants of the operation, considering the fact that the exercise was conducted in stormy weather and the height of the waves was 1 meter.