Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

Icebreaking period ends in Eysk Seaport

By the Eysk Seaport Master Regulation dated 20.02.2013 № 01-03/05 due to the established daily plus temperature, absence of ice in the most part of the Azov Sea and Taganrog Bay, and the possibility to navigate in Eysk Seport and its approaches without an icebreaker, the end of the icebreaking period is announced in Eysk Seaport from February 21, 2013 0:00 MSK.

Simultaneously the Eysk Seaport Master cancelled the decisions on introducing ice navigation limits in Eysk Seaport taken earlier.

The Kapitan Krutov icebreaker of the Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch, which earlier provided icebreaking assistance to vessels in Eysk Seaport, will be in operation in the regime of 4-hour readiness until the end of the icebreaking period in the Azov Sea Basin, and, if necessary, will be able to continue providing icebreaking assistance to vessels in Eysk Seaport if the weather changes. 

In general, from the start of the winter navigation 2012-2013 the Kapitan Krutov icebreaker led 24 caravans of vessels to and from the seaport of Eysk, and in total provided assistance to more than 160 vessels.