Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

Icebreaking pilotage at the sea port of Eysk

Due to the warming and ice condition improving at the Azov sea, since February, 5 2013 at the sea port of Eysk entrance (from the ice edge nearby the Kerch strait) icebreaking pilotage are temporary on hold.

Vessels currenty may enter the sea port of Eysk under the Azovo-Chernomorskiy basin branch's Captain Krutov icebreaker's supervision. It plays the recommendation role.

Since the beginning of the ice navigation at the sea port of Eysk, since December, 17 2012 till present, the Captain Krutov icebreaker pilotaged 24 vessel caravans to the sea port of Eysk and back. More then 160 vessels were served at total.

You can get more information on icebreaking services at the sea port of Eysk in the subsection "Azovo-Chernomorskiy Basin Branch Icebreaking Services".