Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

Information on changes in the Azovo-Chernomorsky basin branch motor vehicles ferry transportation schedule

The Azovo-Chernomorskiy basin branch informs that due to the test competitions at the Sochi Olympic objects (Adler) on January,25 - February, 8 2013 the motor vehicles traffic in the city is to be limited at daytime.

In accordance with the Olympic Games Transport Direction (letter dated 23.01.2013 № ДОГП-18/67), during this period the temporary schedule at the Novorossiysk-Sochi-Novorossiysk ferry line.

In particular, cargo operations at the sea port of Sochi (Imeretinskiy marine terminal) will be implemented since 23.30 MSK of the loading date till 6.40 MSK of the next day. The time may be changed due to actual weather conditions.

We ask consigners to take this information into account when planning cargo transportation, and to inform drivers about temporal schedule changes.