Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

Changes in the sea port of Kavkaz border

Changes in the sea port of Kavkaz border, caused the extention of the "Tamansky" reid transhipment complex, are approved by the Government of Russian Federation Decree dated 29.06.2012 № 1118-р. The area of the reid transhipment complex extention was carried out because of the need to provide proper navigation safety in connection with increased volumes of cargoes reid transshipment in this area of the sea port of Kavkaz.

In order to provide systematic functioning of the reid transhipment area, the FSUE "Rosmorport" carries out 24-hour VTS services with the use of the Kerch Strait Regional VTS, formed on the of the informational integration and coordinated activity of the Kavkaz sea port VTS and the Temryuk sea port VTS. In addition, the Enterprise provides pilotage services for vessels, which are bounding for "Tamanskiy" RTC of the sea port of Kavkaz.