Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch employees awarding

     For achieved labour succeses and lasting honest work following Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch employees were awarded with the jubilee badge "In the memory of the Water and Land Comunications Department bicentenary":

     • Afanasenko Anatoliy - 1st class motor mechanic - 1st class seaman of the Taman Department "Agat" reid boat;
     • Berdin Vladislav - Captain shift assistant - replacement crew shift mechanic;
     • Bordyug Sergey - senior pilot - Taman Department pilotage service chief;
     • Budanov Olef - senior mechanic - "Captain Fedorov" pilot boat Captain shift assistant;
     • Gaponenko Konstantin - head of the Taman Department Fleet Operations Service;
     • Gulyaev Andrey - deputy head of the Fleet Technical Operations Division;
     • Kalinin Sergey - Eysk Department "Kolguev" tug boat Captain;
     • Kenebas Nikolay - Eysk Department Dispatcher Division senior dispatcher;
     • Kirsanov Anatoliy - senior mechanic - Tuapse Department "Captain Zinchenko" reid boat Captain shift assistant;
     • Kokorin Vladimir - 1st class motor mechanic - 1st class seaman of the Eysk Department "Captain Krutov" icebreaker;
     • Kolupaev Sergey - Pilot Service senoir pilot;
     • Kozedub Valeriy - senior pilot - head of Taman Department Pilotage Service;
     • Kraus Natalia - chief accountant;
     • Kriklenko Nikolay - Division of Hydraulic Engineering Facilities Technical Supervision main specialist;
     • Kryukov Vladimir - Taman Department VTS Service operator;
     • Kudashkin Youriy - deputy head of the VTS Service;
     • Lubkov Petr - Taman Department pilotage service pilot;
     • Metik Vladimir - 1st class morot mechanic - Taman Department "Captain Zadorojniy" tug boat electrician;
     • Rogonyan Alexander - Tuapse Department Communication, Electronic Radio Navigation and IT Service main specialist;
     • Rudik Veniamin - VTS Service senior operator, shiftman;
     • Shirshov Alexandr - senior mechanic - "Captain Sokolov" tug boat Captain shift assistant;
     • Sigida Vasiliy - head of the Ferry Service;
     • Skripnichenko Filipp - Taman Departmen VTS Service operator;
     • Solomatov Evgeniy - head of the Steering Center;
• Soloviyova Elena - head of the Division of Hydraulic Engineering Facilities Technical Supervision;
     • Vinakov Sergey - Eysk Department "Techflotets" tug boat shift mechanic;
     • Yashin Andrey - head of the Tuapse Maintenance and Transport Division;
     • Zhigaylo Michail - head of Mobilization Division;
     • Zinchenko Nikolay - Taman Department Labor Protection Sector senior specialist.

     The Enterprise congratulates all the awarded employees and wishes them success in their further work.