Murmansk Branch Structure

Vessel Traffic Service
     - Department for Technical Support
     - Kandalaksha Gulf VTS
Pilotage Service
     - Pilotage Service Kandalaksha Department
Communication and Electric Radio-Navigation Service
     - GMDSS Technical Maintenance Sector
     - GMDSS A2 Area Facilities Control Center
     - Transmitting Radio center
Fleet Operations Department
     - Fleet Personnel
Project, Capital Construction and Repair Department
Chief Power Engineer Department
Navigational and Hydrographic Support Sector
Group of Instructors
Water Area Technical Monitoring Department
Accounting Department
Economy and Finance Department
State Property Management Department
Procurement Sector
IT Department
Legal Department
HR Department
Mobilization Training and Civil Defense Department
Security Department
Classified Subdivision
Labour Protection Sector
Administration and Maintenance Sector

Administrative Office