Port Infrastructure Facilities

     The FSUE "Rosmorport" Murmansk Branch disposes of a wide range of coastal port infrastructure facilities necessary to conduct the major activities of the branch stipulated in the Statute on the FSUE "Rosmorport" Murmansk Branch.

     As of 01.04.2018 the 257 stationary property facilities of different functional purposes located in the seaports of Kandalaksha and Murmansk, comprise:

  • hydraulic engineering structures (berths, piers, floating jetties, coast protections) – 30 facilities, which are all located in Murmansk Seaport;
  • buildings and rooms (public, administratice, industrial) – 31 facilities, including:
- in Kandalaksha Seaport 
- in Murmansk Seaport 

– 1 facility;

– 27 facilities;

  • structures and constructions (cargo areas, projector masts, electrical networks, motor roads, water and canalization networks, water pilelines, canalization and rainwater pipelines, heat pipelines, craneways, railways, VTS facilities) – 195 facilities, including:

- in Kandalaksha Seaport  

- in Murmansk Seaport  

– 2 facilities;

– 175 facilities.


     Most part of hydraulic engineering structures of the branch are berthing structures (berths, piers) – 25 facilities, or 83.3 %. They are all located in Murmansk Seaport and make 25 % of the total amount of berthing structures in Murmansk Seaport.
     The total length of the berth wall of the Murmansk Branch berthing structures in Murmansk Seaport is more than 4.2 kilometers, which makes 34.5 % of the total length of the berth walls of all berthing structures in Murmansk Seaport.