Murmansk Branch News

Pilots of the Murmansk Branch provide pilotage assistance for a floating drilling rig in the Kola Bay

The FSUE “Rosmorport” Murmansk Branch pilotage service successfully carried out a complex of pilotage operations related to the semi-submersible floating drilling rig "Northern Lights" (flag of Russia), which was towed to the Kola Bay entrance and placed on 4 anchor systems.

The Murmansk Branch pilots Vladimir Bezerko, Konstantin Bogodukhov, Andrey Rybin and Mikhail Senichev participated in the work.

The operation involved 2 port tugs and 2 offshore anchorage tugs, which required high professionalism from the specialists of the pilotage services of the Branch in terms of simultaneous control of such number of vessels.

A tow order with a drilling rig was successfully led along the Kola Bay to the anchorage at Cape Velikiy, where the SFDR was loosened on 4 anchor systems.