Murmansk Branch News

Murmansk sea area A2 GMDSS and NAVTEX coast stations undergoes re-examination

According to the results of the periodic examination by Rosmorrechflot, FSUE "Rosmorport" received Certificates No. GMDSS-3/1-3296-2023 dated 25.05.2023 and No. GMDSS-3/1-3297-2023 dated 25.05.2023 on the compliance of the Murmansk sea area A2 GMDSS and NAVTEX coast stations, respectively, with the requirements of the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 226 dated 23.07.2015 on the possibility of their use in GMDSS.

The coast stations were established in 1999. In 2018, the coast stations were fixed on the right of economic management to FSUE “Rosmorport” and transferred to the management of the Murmansk Branch of the enterprise. Since the beginning of these coastal stations operation by the Branch, this is their second successful re-examination on compliance with the requirements for this equipment.

The facilities of the Murmansk sea area A2 GMDSS coast station include a communications control center in Murmansk, a receiving and transmitting station located in the Kola city, Kola district, Murmansk region. The facilities of the NAVTEX coast station include a control center in Murmansk and a transmitting radio station in Kola.

The range of the sea area A2 GMDSS coast station is 170 nautical miles, and the range of the NAVTEX transmitting station is 300 nautical miles.

Using the sea area A2 GMDSS coast station allows:

- informing the maritime rescue coordination center “Murmansk” of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Administration of Seaports of the Western Arctic” about all received distress signals and emergency messages and its communication with sea vessels during search and rescue operations of people in distress at sea;

- emergency radio surveillance and radio exchange in the PV range in the mode of digital selective calling, in the mode of radiotelephony and radiotelex;

- transmission of distress, urgency and safety radio signals to ships at sea, as well as navigation and meteorological messages to coastal areas of the sea.

Navigation and meteorological messages are transmitted to NAVAREA districts using the NAVTEX coast station.