Murmansk Branch News

Towing of a self-lifting floating drilling rig in the Kola Bay by the pilots of the Murmansk Branch

Pilots Andrey Lysov, Alexander Kulkov and Igor Esin of the pilot service of the FSUE "Rosmorport" Murmansk Branch on July 7, 2021 successfully carried out piloting of the towed self-lifting floating drilling rig Arcticheskaya (flag of Russia) in the Kola Bay.

With the help of 3 port tugboats, the drilling rig was towed from its temporary parking place to the roadstead of the seaport of Murmansk, where the SLFDR was held until the tow lines from two sea tugs were connected to it.

After connecting the main towing lines, the SLFDR Arcticheskaya was towed to the exit from the Kola Bay.

The duration of operations to launch the SLFDR Arcticheskaya on the raid, prepare for sea towing and withdraw it from the seaport of Murmansk was 29 hours. During the course of the towing order in the Kola Bay, the signal "Special caution" was announced.

With the help of two sea tugboats, the SLFDR will be delivered to the drilling site in the Kara Sea.