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Pilotage of 25 000th vessel performed by operators of the Kola Bay VTS

Operators of the Kola Bay VTS of the Murmansk Branch of FSUE "Rosmorport" provided pilotage for 25 000th vessel in the Kola Bay since the beginning of 2021.

The Kola Bay VTS was founded in order to improve the safety of navigation and its efficiency, protect life at sea, protect the marine environment and the coast from pollution, and protect coastal structures in the area of its operation.

Using the Kola Bay VTS, the vessels in the area of ​its ​operation are provided with comprehensive navigation services, namely:
- detection of vessels on approaches to the areas of operation of the Kola Bay VTS, establishment of communication with them, receipt of data on the vessel;
- transfer of navigational, operational and other information to vessels at the initiative of the operators of the Kola Bay VTS or at the request of the vessel;
- assistance in navigation;
- organization of traffic, including planning and establishment of traffic regimes for vessels in the areas of operation of the Kola Bay VTS;
- control over the movement of vessels and the position of vessels at anchorages and raid transshipment complexes.

Each year, the operators of the Kola Bay VTS provide more than 80 thousand pilotage operations for vessels located in the area of VTS operation.

The Kola Bay VTS was commissioned on December 29, 1965 and was originally intended to control navigation directly in the area of the seaport of Murmansk.

During the period from 2001 till present, the area of operation of the Kola Bay VTS has been expanded due to the construction and commissioning of new automatic radio engineering posts of the Kola Bay VTS located on Mishukovo Cape, Krestov Cape and Set-Navolok Cape.

Additiona; information on the conditions and procedure for the provision of navigation services by the Murmansk Branch using the Kola Bay VTS is available in the section "Navigation services of the Murmansk Branch".