Murmansk Branch News

Sea terminal in the seaport of Murmansk becomes more accessible for people with limited mobility

In the context of implementing a plan for making access to transport facilities for people with limited mobility the FSUE “Rosmorport” Murmansk Branch has carried out a set of works in the sea terminal building to make it more comfortable for people with limited mobility.

Particularly, tactile and contrast signs have been marked before entryway of the sea terminal. Special symbols (pictograms) have been made. Entrance handles of the sea terminal building have been highlighted in deviated color that allows people with eye disorders to have an independent sense of direction while entering the sea terminal building.

In addition, special help buttons have been installed at entry doors of the building. Such buttons make it possible to call a disabled people specialist to help them enter the sea terminal building.

Five parking areas have been equipped in a landside area to make parking lots comfortable. The areas have the sign “Person with Disabilities”.

The measures taken by the Murmansk Branch in this sphere will help improve accessibility of the sea terminal for people with limited mobility and contribute to increasing their living standards.