Murmansk Branch News

The Murmansk Branch given a hydraulic facility in the seaport of Murmansk

Pursuant to Resolution No. M266 of December 28, 2018 taken by Russia’s Federal Agency for Property Management Territorial Division in the Murmansk Region and the Republic of Karelia the hydraulic facility “Technological berth” in the seaport of Murmansk was assigned to FSUE “Rosmorport” on the basis of the right of economic management and under FSUE “|Rosmorport” Order No. 3 of January 10, 2019 it was given to the Murmansk Branch.

The hydraulic facility is designed for the inaction of vessels of 166 meters in length, 23 meters in breadth and up to nine meters in draft during inter-voyage repairs. The length of the berth wall of the facility is 234 meters and the bottom marks at the berth wall head is from minus 12 meters to minus 10.3 meters.

This hydraulic facility was built in 1987. It has been in good working condition at the moment of giving it to the branch.

At present, the technological berth is used for its intended purpose by an operator of the sea terminal on the rental basis.