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Murmansk Branch celebrates Victory Day

Workers of the Murmansk Branch have taken part in the festive events devoted to the celebrations marking the 74th anniversary of the victory in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War.

On May 8 the branch’s employees solemnly marched to the monument “Dockworkers Perished during the Great Patriotic War”. They took part in a meeting timed to the holiday and laid wreaths at the monuments.

Director of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Murmansk Branch Sergei Mazhirin, Director-General of the Murmansk Commercial Seaport, PJSC Alexander Masko and acting captain of the seaport of Murmansk Eduard Bezukladov addressed the participants in the meeting.

The Murmansk Branch jointly with the Murmansk Administration and the command of Russia’s Navy Northern Fleet has organized mooring of four warships to a pier of distant lines – the Aisberg fast attack craft, the Brest submarine chaser, the Yadrin coastal minesweeper and the Valery Fedyanin diversion boat built in 2017. The boat is named in honor the colonel, commander of the Northern Fleet 61st Kirkenes Red Banner separate marine brigade. He was killed in Syria in performance of military duty.

On May 7-9 over 5,000 residents and guests of the city were able to visit ships, see their rig and study the conditions of the service and lifestyle of navy sailors, as well as Russian-made up-to-date equipment.

On the day of the holiday the personnel of the Murmansk Branch and hundreds of Murmansk residents marched on the central square of Murmansk – Five Points to the memorial “To Defenders of the Soviet Arctic Circle during the Years of the Great Patriotic War” on Cape Verde and carried billboards and photographs of the relatives taken part in the Great Patriotic War. The branch’s workers laid wreaths at the foot of the monument and paid tribute to people dead during the Great Patriotic War.

For reference

The memorial “To Defenders of the Soviet Arctic Circle during the Years of the Great Patriotic War” opened in 1975 is a site to bury the remnants of the Unknown Solider and two capsules. One capsule contains the sea water from the place of death of the Tuman legendary ship and the second capsule contains the soil with the blood of defenders of the Glory Valley and from the areas of battles on the Verman line.