Murmansk Branch News

Pilots of the Murmansk Branch secure installation of a drilling unit on the roadstead of the seaport of Murmansk

On June 25, 2018 pilots of the Murmansk Branch – Nikolai Zelenkov, Dmitry Chernushin, Ivan Odrin and Gennady Antoropov rendered pilotage services to unload the NAN HAJ BA HAO floating non self-propelled drilling unit (the flag of China) in the water area of the Kola Bay from the HAI YANG SHI YOU 278 specialized carrying ship (the flag of China).

During this operation, pilots of the Murmansk Branch made linear pilotage of the carrying ship from the site of a pilot’s embarkation in the Kola Bay to the anchoring station of the vessel where the carrying ship submerged at the draft of 23 meters in order to unload the drilling unit.

The operation was rather difficult due to huge sailage of the drilling unit, which rose above sea level by more than 30 meters.

Then in joint coordination among themselves and with captains of all vessels taking part in the operation, the pilots of the Murmansk Branch present aboard the drilling unit and anchor handling supply vessels provided safe towing of the floating drilling unit to the anchoring station upon its launching.

Totally, four port tugs and two anchor handling supply vessels were used in the operation to unload and tow the floating drilling unit in the water area of the Kola Bay.

The operation to unload and anchor the drilling unit took about 10 hours.