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Facilities of GMDSS A2 Sea Area given to the Murmansk Branch

Facilities of GMDSS A2 Sea Area given to the Murmansk Branch

Under Resolution No M325  of December 29, 2017 issued by the Russian Federal Agency for State Property Management Territorial Administration in the Murmansk region and the Republic of Karelia, facilities of immovable and movable property of the GMDSS A2 Sea Area have been assigned to the enterprise on the basis of the right of economic management. Pursuant to FSUE “Rosmorport” Order No 27 of January 19, 2018 these facilities have been transferred under the management of the Murmansk Branch.

These facilities include a transmitting center, auxiliary services, fuel storage tanks for an emergency diesel generator and other units of movable property located in the town of Kola, the Kola district of the Murmansk region.

By using this equipment, the Murmansk Branch
- immediately informs the Murmansk maritime rescue coordinating center of FSBI “The Administration of Seaports of Western Arctic” about all distress calls and emergency messages and maintains contacts with vessels during rescue operations at sea;
- makes emergency radio watch and radio exchange on MF in the mode of digital selective call, in the mode of radio telephone and radiotelex;
- spreads SOS, urgency and safety calls to vessels at sea, navigational and weather messages to coastal areas of the sea.

The area of equipment of the coastal station is 170 nautical miles.

The facilities of the GMDSS A2 Sea Area were built in 1999 and were in trust of PJSC “The Murmansk Trawler Fleet”.

As of the moment of property transfer the facilities were in satisfactory working condition.