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Murmansk Branch takes part in organizing first outdoor winter film screening in Murmansk

The first run of the documentary film, “Ocean Blood”, will take place on the marine passenger terminal square in Murmansk at 7:00 p.m., November 24.

A movie theater, which will appear for one evening on the coast of Kola Bay with the support of the Murmansk Branch, will become interesting experience and a kind of a challenge for the residents and guests of Murmansk.

The two major regional film festivals, Northern Character and Tromse International Film Festival, have become the organizers of the first run.

Trude Ottersen, who is one of the directors of the movie, and the principal character of the film – the captain of Norway’s last seal hunting vessel will attend the movie and answer the audience’s questions.

Entrance to the marine passenger terminal square will be free for those who wish to see the movie.

For reference:

The documentary, OCEAN BLOOD / SHAVSBLOD – DE SISTE SELFANGERINE”, has been produced in Norway. The documentary tells us about the 200-year-long history of free seal hunting in Norway. Seal hunting was forbidden in 2015 under the resolution of the Norwegian government. The movie also tells about the last seal hunting aboard a seal hunting vessel.

«VKontakte»/«Ocean blood» movie first run