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Murmansk Branch Pilots Ensure Unique Operation for Loading Floating Drill Rig in Kola Bay

On October 5-6, 2017 the pilots, Dmitry Chernushkin and Ivan Ordin, of the Murmansk Branch pilotage service made pilotage of the NAN HAI BA HAO non-self propelled floating semi submersible drill rig (China) for following loading on the HLC HAI YANG SHI YOU 278 specialized vessel (the flag of China).

During the operation, the drill rig, which has a considerable number of sails, has been safely taken by tow boats to the lifting point in Kola Bay above the working deck of the carrier, which has slogged down 22,8 meters by taking overboard water in ballast.

After resurfacing the drill rig has been placed on the deck safely and accurately.

The operation for piloting the drill rig to the lifting point and its subsequent lifting by the carrier has last for about 11 hours.

Upon successful completion of the operation for lifting the drill rig and placing it on the deck of the carrier pilots of the Murmansk Branch ensured pilotage of the vessel to a temporary anchoring station in Kola Bay. The vessel will soon leave the seaport of Murmansk and move to the seaport of destination in China.

For reference

Key particulars of the NAN HAI BA HAO non-self propelled floating semi submersible drig rig.

​Year Built: 



Broadside Height: 


Gross capacity: 



82.3 meters

60.49 meters

35.36 meters

8.5 meters

12 647 gross tons

15 469 tons.

The drill rig includes pontoons, anchors, the drig rig (the column), the ship's hold, living spaces, serving spaces, machine spaces, the control bridge and the crane.

HAI YANG SHI YOU 278 HLS vessel key particulars

Year Built: 




Gross capacity: 




221.6 meters

42 meters

10.15 meters

40,307 gross tons

52,789 tons.

up to 14.7 nautical knots