Murmansk Branch News

Novorossiysk Icebreaker Starts its Voyage from the Seaport of Murmansk

Novorossiysk icebreaker being under the operational control of the Seaport of Murmanskstarted its next voyage on behalf of FSBI “Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute” on September 10.

As part of the planned scientific program Novorossiysk icebreaker will provide an opportunity to conduct scientific researches related to the physical iceberg coercion in the waters of the Barents, Kara and Laptev Seas.

The iceberg towing experiments were first conducted by the Murmansk Branch icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn in September-October 2016.

The current voyage of the Novorossiysk icebreaker is a continuation of the program of scientific experiments that is aimed to provide security for the sea vessels and drilling outfits during the operations in the waters of the North seas.

Novorossiysk icebreaker is expected to return to the Seaport of Murmansk at the end of October 2017.