Murmansk Branch News

Murmansk Branch Fleet Replenishment

In accordance with FSUE “Rosmorport” Order No 93 of March 24, 2017 the Lebedin multipurpose boat of MPB14 Project has been handed over to the Murmansk Branch. Earlier, the boat was used by the Arkhangelsk Branch of the enterprise in the seaport of Arkhangelsk.

The boat has become the third pilot's vessel of the Branch and the fifth vessel in the Branch's fleet.

In May 2017 the Lebedin boat was delivered to the seaport of Murmansk from the seaport of Arkhangelsk aboard the Novorossiysk diesel electric icebreaker.

The Murmansk Branch will use the boat for the direct designated purpose, which is to deliver pilots of the Murmansk Branch aboard vessels in the water area of the Kola Bay.

For reference:

The Lebedin multipurpose boat of MPB14 Project was built at JSC “Moscow Shipbuilding and Ship-Repairing Yard” (Moscow) in 2012.

The boat was named after Lebedin Island located in the northern part of Northern Dvina River Estuary.

Principal particulars of the boat:

Vessel class:


Overall length:

13,98 m;

Overall breadth:

4,32 m;

Gross capacity:

24 tons;




22 knots;

Power output:

484 kW;


2 people;

Passenger capacity:

6 people