Murmansk Branch News

Certificate of Compliance of the Kandalaksha Bay VTS Obtained

On the results of Inspection Commission work, FSUE “Rosmorport” obtained Certificate No. 16.01867.315 dated 29.04.2016 of compliance of the Kandalaksha Bay with requirements for VTS of the 2nd category.

This certificate of compliance of the coastal facility which certifies compliance of the VTS with new requirements to radar vessel traffic management systems approved by Order No. 226 of the Ministry of Transport of Russia dated 23.07.2015.

The Construction of the Kandalaksha Bay VTS was completed in 2015. In accordance with the resolution No. 51-RU51503000-03-2015 dated 11.02.2015 of the Committee of property, land relations and urban development of the Kandalaksha district municipal formation administration,  the facility was put into trial operation.

Creation of the Kandalaksha Bay VTS was performed by enterprise in order to ensure safety of navigation in the Kandalaksha Bay, on the approaches and water areas of the seaports of Kandalaksha and Vitino. The need for this VTS is caused by difficult ice and weather conditions and the existence of navigational hazards in the Kandalaksha Bay, which impede safe navigation of vessels, including vessels with nuclear power plants that are allowed call at the seaports of Vitino and Kandalaksha, as well as the proximity of the Kandalaksha State Natural Reserve.

The Kandalaksha Bay VTS includes VTS center and automated radar post (ARP). The technological equipment consists of coastal radiolocation station, coastal station of the automated identification system, very high frequency communication station, meteorological station and microwave transmission line between the center and the ARP.

Using the Kandalaksha Bay VTS the Murmansk Branch renders navigation services to vessels in its coverage area, related to:
- transmission  of navigation, operational and other information to vessels;
- vessels traffic organization;
- navigational assistance;
- control of vessel traffic and position of vessels on anchorage using VTS technical means.