Murmansk Branch News

Services for the Delivery of Goods by Specialized Machinery in the Murmansk Region

The Murmansk Branch informs that it has the organizational and technical capabilities to provide interested organizations and individuals with services for delivery of cargoes up to 400 kg by the special machinery of the branch to any remote locations of the Murmansk region furing the autumn-winter and spring-summer periods.

For the provision of appropriate services in the Murmansk branch has an snow and swamp-going vehicle “ARGO” with pneumatic tires and tracks, and snowmobiles “Lynx 6900” and “Lynx Yeti” with a sled, all operated by professionally trained drivers.

More detailed information about the terms and conditions of  the Murmansk Branch services for delivery of goods by specialized machinery can be found in section “Murmansk Branch Services for the Delivery of Goods with Specialized Machinery.”