Icebreaking Services

     1. General Information 

     The FSUE “Rosmorport” Magadan branch provides icebreaking services to all types of vessels calling at the seaport of Magadan during winter navigation using charter icebreaker Moskva. 
     Characteristics of the icebreaker comply with working conditions in the Sea of Okhotsk north part.
Moskva icebreaker:
RMGS Class – KM(*) Icebreaker6 [2] AUT1 FF1 EPP;
Max length – 114.0 m;
Width – 28.02 m;
Draught – 8.50 m;
Depth – 12.40 m;
Capacity – 12,000 kW;
Speed – 16.0 knots.
Moskva icebreaker
Moskva icebreaker

     2. Information on the assistance area 

     Winter navigation in the seaport of Magadan lasts from 20th of November till 25th of May. According to weather conditions, the seaport of Magadan captain can change the date of the winter navigation opening and its duration. Winter navigation opening/closure is announced in Coastal Notices (CN). 
     Average ice season duration is 200 days and 184 with fast ice (November-May).
     Ice spreading area

     3. Icebreaker assistance terms and conditions 

     Icebreaker assistance in the Sea of Okhotsk is implemented on the approaches to the seaport of Magadan by the vessel/convoy pilotage by the icebreaker from the ice edge as far as the vessel’s/convoy’s approach to the anchorage point/berth and back. 
     Icebreaker operations management is executed by the seaport of Magadan captain at the head of an Icebreaking Operations Headquarters which also includes icebreaker captain, icebreaker charterer authorized persons, the seaport of Magadan Captain Service officials. IOH acts according to regulations approved in the established order. 
     Specifics of assistance for vessels calling at/leaving the seaport of Magadan during the icebreaking period in Magadan Seaport and its approaches are set by Magadan Seaport master (regulation dated 01.12.2022 No. 11 “On the start of icebreaking period 2022-2023”).
     The assistance is implemented on the basis of captains’/sheepowners’/marine agents’ application forms.
     The assistance priority, time, order of movement through ice and amount of vessels under assistance is established by the seaport of Magadan captain in concurrence with navigation schedule including possible changes in vessel approach time, hydro-meteorological situation and ballast raid exclusion.
     An icebreaker assistance application is filed by a vessel’s captain/shipowner/marine agent to the seaport of Magadan captain by fax (+7 (4132) 60-77-05) or by e-mail ( when the vessel’s leaving a departure port. 
     Heading for the sea of Okhotsk and crossing latitude 50º00,0' N, vessels must get in touch with the seaport of Magadan Captain Service twice a day — 09:00 and 16:00 (GMT+11). Vessels must make contact with the Service (call sign “Magadan Radio-5”) and with an icebreaker on the 3730 kHz (stand-by 8779 kHz), receive coordinates of the convoy meeting point (CMP), IOH recommendations and transmit the following up-to-date information: 
       - coordinates; 
       - course; 
       - velocity; 
       - ice conditions; 
       - weather report (wind, wave, visibility, atmospheric and water temperature); 
       - estimated CMP approach time. 
     When leaving the seaport of Magadan vessels keep in touch with the seaport of Magadan Captain Service and the icebreaker on the aforementioned frequency and in due time as far as latitude 50º00,0' N junction. 
     Convoy meeting is executed by the icebreaker captain in the announced CMP. Vessels under assistance obey icebreaker captain’s orders.
Independent navigation in ice conditions during the assistance is allowed only by the icebreaker captain’s permission along the recommended route indicated by him in concurrence with the seaport of Magadan captain. 
     When ice condition complication, strong ice nip or heavy weather condition, aiming to exclude the risk of ice damage, the assistance is sustained, vessels wait in a safe place taking prevention measures against sticking in ice. 
     In cases of non-compliancy with conditions and restrictions on ice navigation, provision of information that doesn’t reflect the reality or non-fulfillment of Icebreaking Operations Headquarters orders the vessel is refused from the seaport entry/departure and assistance. 

     Apart from the compulsory icebreaking assistances for vessels calling at/leaving the seaport of Magadan during winter navigation, the branch performs additional icebreaking services for compensation on the contract basis by the shipowners’ requests, coordinated with the seaport of Magadan captain, if the operation is technically possible. 
     To conclude the additional icebreaking services for compensation contract (the Contract) the customer files an application coordinated with the seaport of Magadan captain to the branch at address: the seaport of Magadan, administrative building, 4th floor or by fax +7 (4132) 63-09-56 with further redirecting.
     The application is examined by the branch within 3 working days. After the examination, if the operation is technically possible, the contract is concluded. The branch sends 2 copies of the contract for signing. The contract copy signed by the customer must be sent back to the branch.
     Additional services are implemented by the branch in the order and upon the conditions of the Contract.

     The compulsory icebreaking services are charged by the icebreaking charges. Additional services are paid in accordance with calculation of icebreaker’s work hourly cost. Information on the icebreaking dues and icebreaker’s work hourly cost can be found in subsection “The Magadan Branch Harbor Dues and Tariffs”.

     4. Statistics 

     Information on the number of ice escorts by the Magadan Branch icebreakers during winter navigation
Winter navigation
Number of steerings Average length of
in nautical miles
2008-2009 119 267
2009-2010 127 275
2010-2011 120 256
2011-2012 162 263
2012-2013 126 220
2013-2014 126 200
2014-2015 110 126
2015-2016 95 170
2016-2017 113 211
2017-2018 128 120
2018-2019 126 140
2019-2020 129 128
2020-2021 117 246
2021-2022 36 101

     5. Contacts 

     For any additional reference information about icebreaking services provided by the FSUE “Rosmorport” Magadan branch please, contact: 
       - telephone: 
         +7 (4132) 63-09-56 (24h); 
         +7 (4132) 63-05-08 (working days 8:30 - 18:30, GMT+11), 
       - fax: +7 (4132) 63-09-56 
       - e-mail: