Port Infrastructure Facilities

     The FSUE "Rosmorport"  Magadan Branch disposes of the wide range of objects of coastal and port infrastructure, necessary for implementation of basic Branch activities, specified in the FSUE "Rosmorport" Magadan Branch Statute.
     As of 01.10.2021 the 50 stationary real estate objects of different functional purpose, located in the seaport of Magadan, are:
        - hydrotechnical structures (berths, piers) - 17 objects;
        - constructions (substations, engineering systems, electrical networks, etc.) - 29 objects;
        - buildings and premises (administrative, production, utility, domestic, etc.) - 4 objects.

     The Magadan Branch hydrotechnical structures are presented mainly by mooring hydrotechnical structures - 58.8 %. They amount to 83.3 % of the total amount of mooring structures in the seaport of Magadan. The total length of the mooring wall of Branch's berths is more than 1.6 km, which makes 89.6 % of the total length of the mooring wall in the seaport of Magadan.