Magadan Branch News

VTS Magadan has successfully passed the next survey

Based on the results of the survey conducted by Rosmorrechflot, the FSUE “Rosmorport” Magadan Branch received a certificate dated 27.12.2021 No. VTS-3/1-3241-2021 on the compliance of the Magadan VTS with the technical and operational requirements established by order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia dated 23.07.2015 No. 226 for the VTS of the second category.

Previously, in 2009, 2012 and 2016, the VTS Magadan also successfully passed certifications for compliance with the technical and operational requirements for the VTS.

Magadan VTS includes a VTS center and RTP located in the seaport of Magadan.

Using the Magadan VTS, the vessels in the area of ​its ​operation are provided with comprehensive navigation services, namely:
- detection of vessels on approaches to the areas of operation of the Magadan VTS, establishment of communication with them, receipt of data on the vessel;
- transfer of navigation, operational and other information to vessels at the initiative of the operators of the Magadan VTS or at the request of the vessel;
- assistance in navigation;
- organization of traffic, including planning and establishment of traffic regimes for vessels in the areas of operation of the Magadan VTS;
- control over the movement of vessels and the position of vessels at anchorages and raid transshipment complexes.

Every year, Magadan VTS operators control the movement of almost 2.1 thousand vessels located in its coverage area.

Additional information on the conditions and procedure for the provision of navigation services by the Magadan Branch using theMagadan VTS is available in the section "VTS services of the Magadan Branch".