Development of Port Infrastructure Facilities and Fleet of the Magadan Branch

    Implementation of federal investment programs and ital investments programs - is one of the FSUE "Rosmorport" Magadan Branch major activities, aimed at development of the sea port of Magadan infrastructure.

     Since 2005 the Magadan Branch carried out several investments projects as a developer customer.
     In 2005 communications of berths №2 and №3 engineering and technical support were reconstructed. This allowed to provide centralized collection and disposal of sewage from berths territory and helped to prevent a negative impact on certrain constructions elements.
     In 2007 the Magadan Branch carried out:
     - underwater-technical works on repair of the special pierce in the Veselaya harbour.  The critical defect of the face groove-and-tongue wall was eliminated and cargo inpermeability  was restored. This provided safe cargo operating works at the pierce;
     - the reconstruction of the berth №7 in the sea port of Magadan, aimed at increase of efficiency of cargo berthing front usage. As a result the usage of targeted usage of the berth (for oil tankers moorage and transhipment) became possible.
     In 2009:
     - the sea port of Magadan VTS was put into operation. The navigation safety and navigation state supervision level raised in the sea port of Magadan;
     - in order to increase reliability and durability of the special pierce in the Veselaya harbour, the construction was reconstructed. As a result depreciated parts of the construction were dismantled, wave-reflecting wall and connective dams were strengthened.
     In 2011 hardware and software complexes of the Magadan sea port VTS and GMDSS were modernized at the expense of Enterprise's own funds. These works were aimed at the increase of reliability level of means in difficult weather conditions and rigging of systems by modern certified means of information protection in accordance with requirements for the ensuring of information security in the key systems of the informational infrastructure.