Makhachkala Branch News

New Maximum Permissible Drafts for Vessels on the Approach Canal of Oil Harbour in Makhachkala Seaport Announced

In accordance with the directive of the master of the seaport of Makhachkala No. ShU-01-r of 27.03.2017 the maximum permissible draft for vessels on the approach canal of Oil harbour in the waters of seaport of Makhachkala is increased to 6 meters since April 1, 2017.

It became possible because of the remedial dredging works carried out by the Makhachkala Branch.

During the period from August, 2016 to January, 2017 the branch using its dredging fleet carried out dredging in the approach canal waters on the area of more than 0.12 km2 with bringing marks of  bottom to – 6.7 meters, which is confirmed by measurements over the entire area of dredging works. The total volume of withdrawn soil is 84 thousand m3.

In early May, Aktobe ship (Kazakhstan flag) with a draft of 5.95 m carrying cargo of crude oil that was to be to offloaded at the berth No. 4 entered Oil  harbour of  the seaport of Makhachkala  through the new approach canal.

Currently, the Makhachkala Branch continues to carry out the remedial dredging works in the boot basin of the Oil harbour and on the approach canal of  Sukhogruznaya harbour in order to bring the depths to the levels of -6,7 and -6,0  meters respectively. Remedial work in these areas is planned to be finished in December, 2017. It is expected that the total volume of repair dredging works 2017 in the waters of the seaport of Makhachkala will reach 420 thousand m3 of withdrawn bottom soil.