Makhachkala Branch News

Community Cleanup Day in the Makhachkala Branch

On April 22, 2017 within the context of the Year of the Caspian and other water resources that was announced in accordance with the Order of the Head of the Republic of Dagestan of 30.12.2016 No. 369 Community Cleanup Day where the administration and workers of the Makhachkala Branch Vessel Traffic Service took part was held in the Makhachkala Seaport.

In the course of the Community Cleanup Day the works on seaport territory cleaning up in the coast line area that borders with the coverage area of the Makhachkala Port Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS) and along the south pierhead of the seaport were performed.

As a result of the work organized by the branch workers VTS coast area was cleaned up from the rubbish washed ashore by sea wave.