Makhachkala Branch News

Operational Meeting Held in the Makhachkala Branch

In the Makhachkala Branch on April 14, 2017 an internal meeting, concerning the issues of navigation safety provision and dredging operations performance by the branch in the Makhachkala Seaport waters in 2017 with due regard to the interdepartmental meeting results, was held under the chairmanship of the Makhachkala Branch Director Apandi Nurmagomedov.

The branch director drew attention of those present to the necessity of timely and proficient performance of the objectives on implementation of the planned measures aimed to enhance navigation safety in the Makhachkala Seaport set before the Makhachkala Branch by  Rosmorrechflot and organization's administration.

The Director of the FSBI “AMP Kaspiiskogo Morya” Magomed Abdulatipov and captain of the Makhachkala Seaport Shakh Urguev took part in the operational meeting as well.

Magomed Abdulatipov drew special attention to the importance of complex resolution of the issues related to the provision of navigation safety in the Makhachkala Seaport as well as to the support of its uninterrupted operation taking into account increasing interest of foreign countries (Iran and India) in the development of the goods turnover with Russia through “North-South” transport corridor with the use of the overload capacities of the ice-free Makhachkala Seaport.