Makhachkala Branch News

Workshop on Repair Dredging Works in the Seaport of Makhachkala

On October 26, 2015 in the Makhachkala Branch there was held a workshop chaired by Director of the Makhachkala Branch Apandi Nurmagomedov on the repair dredging works in the limiting areas of the approach channels in the seaport of Makhachkala.

The workshop was also attended by Deputy Head of the FSI “Administration of seaports of the Caspian sea” Nikolai Kovalev and captain of the seaport of Makhachkala Shaлh Urguev.

The participants of the workshop discussed a wide range of issues related to  summarizing the results of repair dredging works in September-October of 2015 and plans for 2016.

So, since September 2015, as part of the preparatory work to conduct repair dredging conducted by a specialized dredging organization, selected by the branch according to the results of competitive selection, the layout of the dredging spoil disposal site has been set up with diversion dikes made of stone for the purpose of storage of sediments in the waters of the seaport. For the implementation of the planned stages of the dredging works there have been involved over 100 units of construction equipment, non-propelled dredger LS-27, Sputnik tugboat, two small boats and a diving station.

During the workshop, the participants paid special attention to the technologies applied in different water areas of the seaport. In particular, dredging in the Dry Cargo Harbour of the seaport will be scheduled with a periodic blocking of the approach channel, which will require greater efficiency in information exchange between representatives of port authorities and the Makhachkala Branch in conducting the relevant works to ensure the safety of navigation in the seaport waters.