Geodesic and Hydrographic Services

     1. General information 

     The FSUE "Rosmorport" Azov Basin Branch performs geodesic andhydrographic works in the water areas of the seaports of Azov, Rostov-on-Don, and Taganrog on a contract basis. In particular, the Azov Basin Branch performs: 
     - detailed bottom mapping by a one-beam echo sounder; 
     - snapping (coordination) of installation of different station and floating objects including the ones used for navigational-surveying support of shipping; 
     - sonar inspection of bottom relief by a side-scanning sonar. 
     The data of detailed mapping is suitable for correcting navigational maps, sailing guides and books, planning dredging works. 
     To conduct these activities the Azov Basin Branch disposes of highly qualified personnel having a large experience in hydrography and geodesy, and also necessary equipment and technical means: 
     - surveoyr boats MGK-2 and Kapella; 
     - automatic surveyoe complex including a GPS receiver, echo sounder, VHF radio station, radio modem, and also a coastal mobile station for transmitting differential corrections; 
     - "Shark nav" receivers of multi-frequency navigation satellite systems GLONASS/GPS ; 
     - side-scanning sonar Neman-500. 
     The data is processed by the HYDROpro and HYPACK software.

     2. Terms and conditions of geodesic and hydrographic services 

     To order services from the Azov Basin Branch, please send a written application by fax : +7 (863) 287-00-20 or e-mail: The application is reviewed by the Azov Basin Branch and within 10 days the client is sent an answer on the technical possibility, deadlines and prices of the requested works. If the answer is positive, the client is sent a draft standard contract for signing. The signed contract shall be returned to the Azov Basin Branch. 
     The works are conducted by the Azov Basin Branch in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rechnical assignment being an integral part of the Contract according to the terms and conditions stipulated in the Contract.

     3. Statistics 

     Information on the yearly scope of surveyor works performed by Azov Basin Branch in the water areas of the seaports of Azov, Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog.
Year Azov Seaport Rostov-on-Don Seaport Taganrog Seaport
km km2 km km2 km km2
2011 89 321 222
2012 882 306 695
2013 1,430 390 854
2014 1,460 310 903
2015 1,422 430 889
2016 1,642 430 1,095
2017 195.1
2018 199.0 25.89 13.62 983 11.25
2019 204.5
2020 214 23.6
2021 180.1 23.18 10.72 891 5.23
2022 150 25.5 10.3 864.9 3.2

     4. Contacts 

     For additional information on the terms and conditions of geodesic and hydrographic services provided by the Azov Basin Branch, please contact: 
     +7 (863) 287-00-20 (Monday through Friday from 08:30 till 17:00 MSK),
     or send a request by fax: +7 (863) 218-53-59, or e-mail: