Azov Basin Branch Events

Azov Basin Branch Employees Awarded. Rostov-on-Don, 04 October 2013

For high performance in industrial activity, conscientious performance of official duties and many years of faultless work with letters of thanks Rosmorrechflot encouraged the following employees of the Azov Basin Branch: 

- Eremenko Anatoly Nikolaevich - pilot of the 1-st category - shift supervisor; 
- Karpinyan Tatiana Olegovna - deputy chief accountant, head of accounting, tax and consolidated accounts department; 
- Petrovsky Romuald Ivanovich - chief operator of the Odessa-6 mud boat; 
- Prokofiev Rudolph Alexandrovich – production engineer of the industrial-technological bureau. 

The photos are provided by the Institute of Water Transport named after G.Ya. Sedov