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Anniversary of the Kuban-2 multi-bucket dredger

On April 1, 2021, the FSUE “Rosmorport” Azov Basin Branch celebrated 60th anniversary since raising the flag on the Kuban-2 multi-bucket dredger.

The Kuban-2 multi-bucket dredger was built in 1961 in Rosslau (German Democratic Republic). Initially, the dredger was called "Kuban-1", but later it was renamed into "Kuban-2".

The Kuban-2 dredger provided dredging in various seaports and river ports of the former USSR, the crew of the vessel repeatedly lifted from the bottom ammunition and shells of the Great Patriotic War era. For example, in 2015, during dredging in the seaport of Taganrog in the area of ​pier No. 4 a shell, which was lifted from the bottom, had exploded in the ladle of the Kuban-2 dredger. Luckily, no one was injured during this incident, and the vessel was repaired by specialists of the Taganrog Directorate of the Azov Basin Branch.

Over the many years of the dredger's work, very interesting finds were raised from the bottom of the sea, for example, an admiralty anchor from the legendary Soviet training four-masted barque Tovarisch, which was listed in the register of the Russian fleet under number one. Today, the anchor is part of the exposition of the Museum of the Navy in Odessa (Ukraine).

In 2014 and 2018, for the success achieved, the Kuban-2 dredger was awarded the title of best vessel of the dredging fleet of FSUE “Rosmorport”.

Today, the Kuban-2 multi-bucket dredger is undergoing routine repair works at the production and repair base of the Taganrog Directorate of the Azov Basin Branch, as a result of which it will be sent as part of the dredging convoy, which includes three more dredging barges: Odessa-6, Odessa-7 and Odessa-8, in order to carry out dredging operations on the Taganrog approach channel.

The management of the Azov Basin Branch congratulates the captain and the entire crew of the vessel on the anniversary and wishes them success in the difficult and sometimes dangerous sailor work, as well as in preserving the traditions and high professional level of specialists operating the Kuban-2 multi-bucket dredger.