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Taganrog Gulf VTS operators prevent incident

The FEOFAN SHOKHIREV dry cargo (the flag of Panama) with the displacement of 5,000 tons was headed in ballast for the seaport of Samsun (Turkey) from the seaport of Rostov-on-Don on December 20, 2019.

At 10:42 a.m. Moscow time the dry cargo passed the juncture (the Beglitsky buoy), crossed the RP-31 recommended track and did not turn to the next course.

A duty operator of the Taganrog Gulf VTS timely reacted to the dangerous deviation of the FEOFAN SHOKHIREV dry cargo from the standard route and started calling it by using all existing radio communication channels.

The movement of the dry cargo posed the risk of collision with other vessels in this shipping area. The VEGA dry cargo moved left of the vessel, and the vessels were dangerously approaching each other.

The operator of the Taganrog Gulf VTS warned all vessels in this area about the existing danger and, particularly, recommended the VEGA dry cargo to deviate right.

The Taganrog Gulf VTS used all possible means to attract attention of crewmembers of the FEOFAN SHOKHIREV dry cargo. Upon going on the air with crewmembers of the FEOFAN SHOKHIREV dry cargo the operator warned the Taganrog Gulf VTS about violations of navigation rules and the need to immediately take measures for returning the vessel within the boundaries of the standard route. Thus, the dry cargo changed its course for safe passing with the meeting ship.

Due to timely and professional actions taken by the Taganrog Gulf VTS operators they succeeded in preventing the collision of ships.