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Azov Basin Branch director takes part in meeting on navigation on the Don River

A meeting on navigation issues on Don river was held at the Sedov Water Transport Institute on June 20, 2019. The meeting involved director of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Azov Basin Branch Andrei Vakhrushev, representatives of the port authorities and the business community of the region.

The participants in the meeting discussed the results of the Institute’s research activities on navigation safety that had been ordered by FSUE “Rosmorport”. Dean of the Maritime Transport Engineers Faculty Alexander Fil spoke in detail about the grounds for the dimension of the river’s shipping canal due to the parameters of design vessels.

Andrei Vakhrushev told the participants in the meeting about the state of and plans for the development of the port infrastructure facilities of the Azov Basin Branch in the seaports of Azov and Rostov-on-Don. Particularly, the director of the branch also spoke about the events performed by the branch to carry out dredging operations on the Don River 48-km shipping section from 3,121 km to 3,169 km, technical possibilities of the branch’s surveying equipment and focused on the development of VTMS of the Taganrog Bay and the GDMSS facilities, which are used by the Azov Basin Branch.

The meeting focused on the issues of the port infrastructure state and measures to ensure safe guaranteed year-round navigation conditions in the seaports of Azov and Rostov-on-Don, any possibilities to use practical experience pf creation and using automatic hydrometeorological monitoring systems of the water area in the region’s seaports in terms of the seaports of the Kerch Strait.

Photos provided by the Sedov Water Transport Institute