Geodesic and Hydrographic Services

1. General information

2. Procedure for provision of geodesic and hydrographic services

3. Statistics

4. Contacts


     1. General information
     The Astrakhan Branch of FSUE “Rosmorport” offers geodesic and hydrographic services on a contract basis in the waters of the seaports of Astrakhan and Olya.

     In particular, the Branch carries out the following works:

     - detailed bottom relief survey by single-beam echosounder hydrographical survey;
     - detailed bottom relief survey with multibeam echosounder.
     Detailed survey materials can be used for planning dredging works, detection of sunken objects, correction of nautical charts, guides and manuals for navigation.

     For the implementation of the corresponding works the Astrakhan Branch has a highly qualified staff with extensive experience in the field of hydrography, including performing hydrographic works, as well as the necessary equipment and technical means:

     - Petr Bakanev surveying boat equipped with:

     a) single-beam echosounder ODOM ECHOTRAC CV 200 produced by Teledyne Odom Hydrographic;

     b) multibeam echosounder МV-1 produced by Teledyne Odom Hydrographic supplied with Hypack 2020.

    - Luch surveying boat equipped with:

     a) multibeam echosounder Reson SeaBat T20-R produced by Teledyne Odom Hydrographic supplied with Hypack MAX+Hysweep 2020, sound speed sensor in water AML MicroX SV, sound speed profiler Valeport miniSVP and displacement sensor NavSight Ekinox.

     b) single-beam echo sounder ODOM ECHOTRAC DF3200 MKIII-P manufactured by Teledyne Odom Hydrographic.

     Processing of materials is performed with the help of PHyPack & Hysweep 2020 and AutoCAD 2020 software.

     2. Procedure for provision of geodesic and hydrographic services
     To order surveying works by the Astrakhan Branch, please file a written application to the Astrakhan Branch by fax: +7 (8512) 58-57-76, or to send a scan by e-mail:  The application will be considered by the Astrakhan Branch, and within 10 days the customer will receive a written response indicating the technical ability, terms of performance and cost of the requested works. In case of the customer's agreement with the terms proposed by the Astrakhan Branch, two copies of a standard contract drawn up on performance of hydrographic works (hereinafter – the Contract) will be sent to the customer for signing. The Contract signed by the customer must be returned to the Astrakhan Branch at: Kapitana Krasnogo st., 31, Astrakhan, Astrakhan region, Russia, 414016.

     Works are carried out by the Astrakhan Branch in accordance with the terms of technical project, which is an integral part of the Contract, in the manner and terms established by the Contract.


     Information on the cost of geodesic and hydrographic services rendered by the Astrakhan Branch is available in the section “Harbor Dues and Tariffs of the Astrakhan Branch”.
     3. Statistics
     Information on annual volumes of surveying works carried out by the Astrakhan Branch in the seaports of Astrakhan and Olya water areas.



Seaport of Astrakhan

Seaport of Olya






























2016 2,126.5 21.53 2,316 31.21
2017 2,276.7 11.4 2,982.7 16.1
2018 1,438.2 22.6 2,081.1 30.1
2019 1,802.6 28.4 2,522.7 41.8
2020 604 67 649 68
2021 1,441 42.5 1,834 63.8
     4. Contacts
     For detailed information on the procedure for the provision of the Astrakhan Branch geodesic and hydrographic services in the seaports of Astrakhan and Olya, please call:

     +7 (8512) 58-48-21 extension 272 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00, Astrakhan time, lunch break from 13:00 to 13:45),
     or send a request by fac: +7 (8512) 58-57-76, or email: