Dredging Services

1. General information

2. Procedure for provision of dredging works

3. Statistical information

4. Contact information


     1. General information

     In the off-season (winter) period the FSUE “Rosmorport” Astrakhan Branch renders to all the interested organizations services for dredging in the Caspian Sea on the contractual basis.
     Dredging works are carried by the Astrakhan Branch with the use of:

     a) Ivan Cheremisinov Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, equipped with one on-board suction pipe with a dredge drag head on the dredger starboard side;
     b) Urengoy Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, equipped with one on-board suction pipe with a dredge drag head on the dredger starboard side;
     c) Artemiy Volynsky Non-propelled Dredger, equipped with a powerful cutter with diameter 2.38 meters, with floating and shore pipe with overall length 900 meters,
     d) Petr Sablin Non-propelled Dredger, equipped with a 952 hp milling cutter, floating and onshore pipeline with a total length of 800 meters,
     e) North-West 503 multi-bucket dredger, equipped with a scoop installation, consisting of a multi-bucket chain consisting of 33 scoops, each with a capacity of 0.75 cubic meters,
     f) Kronshlot self-propelled self-unloading dredger with a dragging dredger and a ground hold volume of 1,000 cubic meters, as well as a clamshell crane with a lifting capacity of 20 tons and a bucket volume of 3.8 cubic meters,
     intended for conduction of repair dredging and filling works in loose soil of I-III groups of soil excavation difficulty (silty loam, sandy loam, flow clay loam and very soft clay loam, loose sand) according to the classification adopted in the Russian Federation, with possibility of soil disposal to underwater waste deposit through the bottom doors (hatches) (Ivan Cheremisinov, Urengoy and Kronshlot dredgers) and pumping on underwater of shore heap with the use of shore or floating pipe (Artemiy Volynsky and Petr Sablin and Kronshlot dredgers) or by transshipment to self-propelled hoppers (North-West 503 dredger).
     For transportation of the excavated bottom soil during the operation of the North-West 503 self-propelling multi-bucket dredger, the Astrakhan branch has:
     a) self-discharging sludge carrier Azovskaya with a hold capacity of 600 cubic meters;
     b) self-propelling sludge vessel Bolgradskaya with a hold capacity of 500 cubic meters;
     c) self-propelling sludge vessel SSh-74 with a hold capacity of 300 cubic meters,
used for receiving, transporting and dumping the dredged bottom soil through bottom doors (hatches) into the established area of the underwater dump.


FSUE “Rosmorport” Dredger Fleet technical characteristics


  Ivan Cheremisinov dredger Artemiy Volynsky dredger Urengoy dredger
Vessel length, m 62.5 58 72.4
Vessel breadth, m 12 12.4 14.08
Moulded depth, m 4.9 2.97 4.0
Maximum/minimum draft, m 4.2/1.8 2.97 3.2/1.45
Speed, knots 10 non-propelled 8
Deadweight, tons 1,397 - 1,040
Displacement, tons 2,566 329 2,200
Navigation area Marine areas А1, А2, А3 Restricted R3 RRR+М-PR 2.5
Endurance, days 20 6 20
Hopper capacity, m3 1,000 - 600
Performance in soil, m3/h 700 10,800 600
Maximum/minimum soil excavation depth, m 5/15 2/18 3/8

Pumping distance, m

500 5,000 500
Hopper filling time, h 1 - 1
Additional equipment and parameters The vessel is also equipped with a cargo crane with maximum lifting capacity 5 tons, has enclosed cab, two removable crab buckets V=3 and 5 m3. Performs soil lifting from the left side of the dredger in the zone of jib reach (when filling the hopper for about 3 hours) in cramped conditions of the seaports water areas (in the vicinity of the hydrotechnical facilities). The vessel is equipped with an accommodation module for the crew rest for 4 persons; equipment for performance measurement and the GPS positioning; telfer crane with maximum capacity 4 tons Possibility to discharge soil through bottom doors (shaft doors) and pipe


     Dredging works are carried out by the Astrakhan branch on the basis of certificate of admission to a self-regulatory organization union “Interregional Union of Special Construction Organizations” No. 402 of May 03, 2017 issued by the self-regulatory organization - non-profit partnership “Baltic construction complex”, and in accordance with the requirements:

     - RD 31.74.08-94 “Technical instructions for the production of marine dredging works”;
     - RD 31.74.04-2002 “Technology surveying works in conduction of dredging works and depth control for the safety of navigation in the seaports and on the approaches to them”;
     - RD 31.74.09-96 “Standards for marine dredging works”.
     - StO 14649425-0005-2019 «Dredging in seaports and on approaches to them».


    2. Procedure for provision of dredging works 


    The Astrakhan Branch renders dredging services to all interested parties on the basis of the concluded Contract for conduction of dredging works (hereinafter – the Contract)
    To conclude the contract, the costumer shall file a request to the Astrakhan Branch by mail or fax: +7 (8512) 58-57-76, or a scan by email: mail@ast.rosmorport.ru. The request will be considered within a month and in the absence of technical restriction for possibility of provision of the requested services, and in the availability of all the presented by the costumer documents necessary for the Contract conclusion, the Astrakhan Branch sends to the costumer two copies of the Contract for signing or a reasoned refusal to conclude the Contract. The signed by the costumer Contract shall be returned to the Astrakhan Branch by mail or courier within ten days (for foreign costumers – within a month) at the address: Kapitana Krasnova st., 31, Astrakhan, Astrakhan Region, Russia, 414016.


    Dredging works are provided by the Astrakhan Branch according to procedure and on terms stipulated in the concluded Contract.

    Information on the cost of dredging works carried out by the Astrakhan Branch is given in section “Harbor Dues and Tariffs of the Astrakhan Branch”.


     3. Statistical information

    Information on the volume of dredging works carried out by the Astrakhan Branch


Year Volume of performed dredging works, thousand m3
2012 486.8
2013 769.4
2014 1,600
2015 4,080
2016 5,600
2017 4,500
2018 2,698
2019 2,842
2020 3,308.7
2021 4,209.8
2022 5,035.2


     4.Contact information

     For more information on procedure of the conduction of dredging works by the Astrakhan Branch, please, contact the Astrakhan Branch Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 Astrakhan time by phone (lunch break from 13:00 to 13:45:
     +7 (8512) 58-57-13;
     +7 (8512) 58-48-21, extension 201,
     or send a request by fax: +7 (8512) 58-57-76, or email: mail@ast.rosmorport.ru.