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Carp Fingerlings Release into the Volga River

Within the Arkhangelsk Branch’s implementation of environmental activities related to compensation of damage to aquatic bioresources and their habitats caused during repair dredging conducted in the water area of the Volga Caspian Marine Shipping Canal in 2015  over 2.2 mln pieces of carp fingerlings were released into the Volga River. The release was held in presence of representatives of the state supervisory authorities on November 16, 2016.

This carp fingerlings release, the average weight of which was 15 grams, became the 1st in this year and the 11th from the start of the implementation of measures on the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources in order to compensate for the damage incurred during repair dredging in the VCMSC.

The Astrakhan Branch expenses on breeding and release of carp fingerlings into Volga amounted to almost 4 mln rubles.

In total, since 2008, the Astrakhan Branch has spent over 16.34 mln rubles on breeding and releasing 8.7 mln of carp fingerlings and Russian sturgeon.