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Alexander Kuchin tugboat arrives at the seaport of Onega to provide crew boats services

After the winter layup and repair work, the Alexander Kuchin tugboat has arrived at the seaport of Onega for the period of summer navigation to be used to provide crew boats services.

Last year, the technical equipment and hull structures of the vessel were repaired in Arkhangelsk in the scope of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping classification survey. The vessel is fully ready for the summer navigation period in the seaport of Onega.

As a crew boat, the Alexander Kuchin tug can carry up to 17 tons of cargo and up to 3 passengers.

For more details on the conditions and procedure for the provision by the Arkhangelsk Branch of the Alexander Kuchin tugboat, as well as the Solovki workboat as crew boats in the seaport of Onega, see “Crew Boats Services of the Arkhangelsk Branch”.