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Arkhangelsk Branch expands its fleet

Subject to FSUE “Rosmorport” Order No. 366 of August 03, 2018 the Arkhangelsk Branch has been given a new mark boat with an inflatable side Taifon of Project Nautilius 800.

The boat was built by the production and commercial company “Special Boats” LLC (Russia, Vsevolozhsk) in July 2018.

The mark boat was the 5th navigational support vessel of the fleet and the 18th vessel of the entire fleet of the Arkhangelsk Branch.

The vessel represents a boat with an inflatable side and a hard structure manufactured of composites and polyester components. The structure of the boat does not provoke any disturbances and distortions of signals when surveying rescue equipment is operated. The inflatable side of the boat is made of PVC materials. It has a house and an engine space. An open-type well is installed between the house and the engine space to place echo sounding gears.

The boat is resistant to the unfavorable weather and environment effects. Its performance meets the possible use in the areas of the moderately cold climate. The boat is serviceable both in sea and fresh water in a range of temperatures from 0 degrees Celsius to +28 degrees Celsius and the air from -5 degrees Celsius to +45 degrees Celsius. It takes no more than two hours to prepare the boat for running.

The boat is equipped with the automated surveying system on the base of the ODOM single beam echo sounder and the KONGSBERG multi beam echo sounder, which allow the boat to survey the bottom configuration by measurement and areal examination.

The Arkhangelsk Branch is planning to use the Taifon boat to carry out measurement works in the water areas of the seaports of Arkhangelsk and Sabetta.

For reference

The vessel has taken its name from a special facility on lighthouses designed for giving sound signals in a fog and warning vessels about danger. Among all air signals typhoons are the most powerful ones and have the bigger efficiency.

Key particulars:

Vessel class small size
Length 8.5 m
Breadth 3.1 m
Hull height 1.34 m
Draft 0.59 m
Engine power 235.3 kW
Rate of sailing 25 knots
Area of navigation within 22 km (12 miles) from shelter
Endurance 0.5 days
Cargo capacity 1.2 tons
Number of personnel 10 people
Crew two members