Arkhangelsk Branch News

Permit obtained to put into operation facilities in the seaport of Sabetta

Pursuant to Permit No 89-RU89506000-003-2019 of February 13, 2019 issued by the Department for Construction and Architecture of the Yamal Municipal Entity Administration a warehouse of aids to navigation, an open service platform and a control correction station (the GPS-GLONASS station of differential corrections) have been put into operation. The facilities have been built under a project for building facilities of the seaport of Sabetta.

These facilities were being constructed from August 2012 to June 2017 in accordance with the federal target program “The Development of Russia’s Transport System (2010-2020)”. FSUE “Rosmorport” acted as a construction manager.

The aids to navigation warehouse and the open service platform are located in the rear area of the cargo berths of the seaport of Sabetta and designed for using them by the Arkhangelsk Branch in order to keep and service aids to navigation: floating warning signals, anchors and chains to them, light-optical equipment and components to them.

The control correction station (the GPS-GLONASS station of differential corrections) is designed for taking circular transmission of the GPS-GLONASS station of differential corrections that come from control correction stations of the marine differential sub-system.

The equipment system of the control correction station fully corresponds the technical requirements imposed upon by GOST R 55108-2012 “Marine Differential Sub-Systems. The Control Correction Station”. The station’s equipment includes the Nautel Vector D radio beacon to transmit GLONASS/GPS differential corrections.

GLONASS/GPS differential corrections are transmitted to vessels on a frequency of 290 kHz that allows for making high-precision navigation on the approaches toward and in the water area of the seaport of Sabetta.

The station’s equipment has been attached to the coordinates of 71°16'40''N 72°03'41"E (WGS-84) and the zone of action with the radius of 200 nautical miles.

The station, which has been put into operation in the seaport of Sabetta, will help use the mode of high-precision navigation that improves considerably the quality of navigation service of the vessels calling at the seaport and staying in the zone of action of the station.