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Arkhangelsk Branch employees rescue drowning man

An accident occurred in Arkhangelsk on May 20, 2019 when a guard of a railroad bridge across the Severnaya Dvina River fell into the water while walking over his area.

Passers-by saw a man fall off the bridge and they were able to give information on the accident to the watch duty of the Captain Yevdokimov icebreaker of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Arkhangelsk Branch. The icebreaker was near Berth No 153 in the seaport of Arkhangelsk.

The watch duty immediately gave information to the Arkhangelsk Branch’s Gals small vessel, which was in sight.

The man-overboard signal was announced on the boat and it immediately made sail to rescue the drowning man.

Joint strict efforts undertaken by the crewmembers of the Gals boat allowed them to pull the guard out of the water and render first medical aid to him.

Then the injured man was transported to Berth No 151 in the seaport of Arkhangelsk where emergency physician had waited for him. The man was immediately taken to an emergency department of the hospital.

Upon completion of the rescue operation director of the Arkhangelsk Branch Kirill Gaida presented certificates of merit, gave valuable gifts and expressed gratitude to Vasikhin Andrei Borisovich, senior engineer – shift captain assistant of the Gals surveying boat, and Zakharov Sergei Valentinovich, the 1st class motorman – able ship's assistant of the Gals surveying boat, for their strict and operative actions during the accident.