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Arkhangelsk Branch releases juvenile salmon

Under realization of events to compensate damage caused to bioresources and their environment while carrying out dredging operations at the estuary of Severnaya Dvina River and the Dvina Gulf of the White Sea in 2015, the Arkhangelsk Branch has released young Atlantic salmon.

Young salmon was released on May 23. The release was attended by representatives of the North-Western Territorial Administration of the Russian Federal Agency for Fishery.

Two-year Atlantic salmons with the average weight of 22.4 grams in amount of 718 items have been grown by order of the Kem fish-breeding farm and then have been released into the Keret River.

This will be the sole release of young salmon performed by the Branch in 2018. The Arkhangelsk Branch spent over 216.000 Rubles to breed and release the salmon.