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Buoys Installation on Approaches toward Sabetta Seaport

On September 18, 2017 the Arkhangelsk Branch installed 26 buoys on the approaches toward the seaport of Sabetta in the Gulf of Ob, Kara Sea.

Under design documentation and by agreement with the captain of the seaport of Sabetta specialists of the maritime channel service of the Arkhangelsk Branch installed 13 pairs of VPU 500/7 light polyethylene spindle buoys on the right and left sides of the maritime channel by using buoy-lifting vessels and brought in vessels.

Buoys are installed for the purpose of open water testing and testing of navigation performance, such as day and night visibility and radar contacts.

Before ice formation, but no later than the end of September the Arkhangelsk Branch will perform removal of buoys for their further storage at the navigation equipment means warehouse on the territory of the seaport of Sabetta for the period of winter navigation in the seaport.

Since the 2018 summer navigation had started buoys have been installed on standard protecting areas of the maritime channel's sides on the approaches toward the seaport of Sabetta.